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16th Asian Battery Conference And 4th International Secondary Lead Conference concluded successfully

Lead battery recycling world participated in the recently concluded 16th Asian Battery Conference and 4th International Secondary Lead Conference held in Bangkok, Thailand from September 7-11, 2015. 50+ Speakers, 315+ companies from more than 52 countries participated in 16ABC.

16th Asian Battery Conference brought together worlds leading battery industry C-Level executives, marketers, technical staff and sales teams to remain updated on new and emerging technologies, understand future directions, meet new suppliers, conduct business and network with industry peers.

The 4th International Secondary Lead Conference brought together all aspects of secondary lead smelting; discussing plant design, smelting regimes, refractories, burner design, slag formation and structures, pollution and environmental control amongst other presentations. Lead Battery Recycling World officials were present at the conference and the exhibition and interacted with the participants and visitors.






If it Wasnt Fun Doing This, I wouldnt Be Here

Mark Richardson, Long-Time ABC Conference Organizer About His Time Coordinating The Event.

Mark you first started working on this conference about a decade ago, what changes have you seen?

The biggest things has clearly been the growth in our meetings. A decade ago at the very first event I worked on in shanghai we had just 450 delegates and 50 exhibitors. This time weve approaching 750 delegates-coming from 50 countries-and about a 100 exhibitors! Its fun to be part of the team thats helped drive this enormous growth. Yes, weve grown in part with the huge rise in business for the region but also because weve fulfilling the massiv needs for regional networking in a way that is clearly working.

So how do you judge the success of these events?

Very generally: in terms of the contacts that people make. And specifically the number of one on-one meetings that happen at the event and afternoon. Success shouldnt ever be only about boasts of the numbers of delegates that attend-though thats important as and indicator of the utility of the conference its the benefits that the show brings to the business of the attendees. A lot of froth is talked about how conferences are successful or not in terms of the catering, the quality of the rooms or the gala dinner. That misses the point. Thats not to say that these things arent important, they form the background for the meeting to happen. You need an atmosphere of seriousness with a high quality of intellectual contact of the presentations but you also need one of making life easy for the delegates by creating a convivial atmosphere.

And the success of 16 ABC?

Theres every indication that will be a huge success by the time everything is finished. This is one of the largest conventions centres in Bangkok and theres now no longer a single meeting room left to book. Some of the attendees are using hotel rooms to meet their clients. Some of the major firms-I can think of about three off the top of my head-are sending something like 20 members of their firm to attend. By the time these meetings are over on Friday youll find that a whole swathe of important tie-ups and business deals have been worked on.

I understand that youve structured the exhibition hall to help boost the networking. Yes, weve reconfigured the way that the stands are laid out so that theres central island with a cafe in place. Itll be a good place for delegates to chill out and talk between some of the sessions. Giving the exhibitors far more access to the delegates and vice versa. When we planned this meeting we tried to create a balance between informal networking and the more formal contacts that firms will make.

What makes a happy conference for you?

Itd be easy to say, its a conference where everywhere goes smoothly-but that rather misses the point about organizing these things.
They are a challenge and right from the moment youve picked the meetings (normally thats in the preceding December) theres a constant set of difficulties to overcome.

Such as?

A lot of the admin side to the work, such as booking halls caterers and the like can be relatively straightforward, though things never quite work to plan.

And what irritates you most?

I suppose its managing all the expectations of delegates, sponsors, media sponsors and other events stakeholders. Weve always here to help.

Gala night next location

All organizers like to keep at least two things under wraps until the last minute the gala dinner and the location of the next meeting. Our undercover mole, however, has discovered that the gala dinner will include a death-defying act that is certain to provoke gasps of wonder. Just think Thailands got talent and also think past winnerthats about as much as I can tell you,our undercover agent, would reveal. Andthen just think beautiful ladies. And as far as we can tell the next meeting is going to be held somewhere fabulous in asia.

Success shouldnt ever be only about boasts of the numbers of delegates that attend its the benefits that the show brings to the business of the attendees

As spoke to the Battery Street Journal