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Used Battery Recycling

Used batteries pose a threat to our environment and should be managed properly. The toxic materials present in the battery can cause harm to the environment and to human beings also. So waste battery recycling should be done properly.

There are many facilities which have implemented scrap battery recycling as part of their pollution prevention efforts. The facility that makes the decision to implement used battery recycling will help protect the environment and insure their compliance with environmental laws. There are many benefits of the Lead Battery Scrap Processing.

  • Used battery recycling keeps all the hazardous metals in one place
  • The metals obtained in discharged car battery processing are reused in manufacturing process to build more batteries
  • The plastic (PP) from outer case of battery is also recycled for further use
  • Lead waste battery processing follows good environmental policy
  • The battery scrap recycling saves natural resources


The major use of lead in the world is in the form of lead acid batteries. Lead Acid Storage Batteries are an essential component of the automotive industry for which there are currently no electro-chemical, economic or environmentally acceptable alternatives. So this makes the used battery recycling more important. Lead Recycling saves money, lead and most importantly, the environment.