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Tribasic Lead Sulphate (TBLS)

Tribasic Lead Sulphate has good thermal stabilization and conduction properties. Tribasic Lead Sulphate is provided as a white powder. Tribasic Lead Sulphate has excellent thermal stability and suitable for stabilizing PVC.


Tribasic Lead Sulphate is sweet in test. Tribasic Lead Sulphate is soluble in Acetate Ammonium, Nitric Acid (NH4AC) (HNO3) and NaAC. It is not soluble in Aalcohol and organic solution.
Molecular Formula     -     3PbO.PbSO4.H2O
Molecular Weight     -     990.87 g/mol
Special Gravity     -     1.7 g/cm3
Color     -     White Powder, Slightly reddish or Yellowish Powder
Solubility     -     Insoluble in Water (H2O)
Melting Point     -     Above 820°C

Synonyms : Tetralead Trioxide Sulphate, Lead Oxide Sulphate



  • Due to good flow properties Tribasic Lead Sulphate is used for making PVC and Board products (Stabilizer of Plastic PVC Products) e.g. rubber, cables, pipes, artificial leather and other products are made using it.
  • Tribasic Lead Sulphate is used in cable sheathing due to good electrical properties.
  • Tribasic Lead Sulphate is used in production of Pipes for conveyance of gases and liquids and Injection moulding.

Tribasic Lead Sulphate must be storage in dry, cool and ventilate place and keep away from fire, moisture and sulphide.