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Lead Wire / Lead Rods

leadwireLead Wire / Rod is used in a wealth of applications including interconnection circuits, internal wiring of computer and data processing equipment, lighting, motor leads, heating and cooling equipment, harness fabrication and automotive.



  •     Lead Wire / Rod can be cut and formed for use in electronic components such as
    •     Capacitors
    •     Resistors
    •     Diodes
  •     Lighting Lead Wire / Rod : Used as Support Wires / Rods for Light Bulb Filaments
  •     High Voltage Lead Wire / Rod

              High Voltage Lead Wire / Rod has excellent physical, mechanical, and electrical properties. This easy to strip, flame retardant, high dielectric strength wire is resistant to radiation, ozone, moisture and most chemicals. High Voltage Lead Wire / Rod is very flexible. High Voltage Lead Wire / Rod is used in stoves, heaters, dryers, furnaces, motors, therapeutic devices, televisions, signs, lighting fixtures and special electronic devices where high temperatures or high voltages are incurred.

  • Lead Wires / Rods are used for Clinical Electrical Stimulators
    The Lead Wire / Rod has been used in power supply & electronic equipments
    Lead Wire / Rod is also used in lead bullets