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Lead Stabilizer(LS)

Lead Stabilizers are classified as inorganic Lead compound. Lead based compounds have been used in various products to stabilize rigid PVC in construction industry. Lead Stabilizer has high heat stability, processing fluidity & lubricating ability. Lead Stabilizer is stored in dry, ventilating and low temperature environment place and must be away from moisture & fire. Lead Stabilizers are mostly used as PVC Stabilizers, and this is particularly used for electrical power cable applications. Lead Stabilizers have specific gravities which is 3 to 5 times higher than the PVC. Lead Stabilizer has good electrical resistance and low water absorption. The Lead Stabilizers are locked into the PVC matrix.

The Lead based stabilizers used in PVC are the following

Tribasic Lead Sulphate -     Tribasic Lead Sulphate is very effective heat Stabilizer
Dibasic Lead Phthalate -     Dibasic Lead Phthalate is used for cable insulation
Dibasic Lead Stearate  -     Dibasic Lead Stearate is heat Stabiliser and a Lubricant
Dibasic Lead Phosphite -     Dibasic Lead Phosphite is used for the heat and light Stabilizer


Lead Stabilizers react with the Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) liberated by PVC during the thermal degradation. Lead Stabilizer is stored in a dry place and it must be keep away from sunlight or high temperature. It is soluble in Alcohol and easy burning.

Color -     White or Light Yellow Flake

Solubility -     Insoluble in Water



  • Lead Stabilizers are mostly used as PVC compounds e.g. PVC Stabilizers for durability.
  • Lead Stabilizer is used in flexible PVC cable and wire (electric) due to excellent electrical insulation features.
  • Lead Stabilizer is particularly used for PVC Tube, Pipe and PVC board.
  • The Lead Stabilizers is that the Lead Chloride formed during the stabilizing process has no destabilizing effect on the PVC; it is a major advantage of Lead Stabilizer.