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Lead Sheath

leadsheathLead Sheath plays an important role in providing protection. A thin tape of hard drawn copper, bronze, or other elastic metal is wrapped around the inner sheath. This tape gives considerable additional strength and elasticity to the sheath, but must be protected from corrosion. For this reason, a second Lead Sheath is applied over the tape.

Lead Sheaths have the inherent capacity for substantial electrical conductivity under short circuit conditions without requiring a separate ground. Lead Sheaths are applied with a continuous lead extruder under the control of a thickness gauge for uniform wall thickness and concentricity.



  • Lead sheathed cable used in power work.

This cable is a standard three conductor type. Each conductor is insulated and then wrapped in a layer of rubberized tape. The conductors are twisted together, and rope or fillers are added to form a round core. Over this is wrapped a second layer of tape called a serving. Finally, a Lead Sheath is molded around the cable.

Types of Lead Sheathing


  • Alloy Lead
  • Pure Lead
  • Reinforced Lead

An Alloy Lead Sheath is much like a Pure Lead Sheath but is manufactured with two percent tin. This alloy is more resistant to gouging and abrasion during and after installation. Reinforced Lead Sheath is used mainly for oil filled cables where high internal pressures can be expected. Reinforced Lead Sheath consists of a double Lead Sheath.