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Lead Ore

The Material which contains one or more minerals and at least one of which can be recovered at a profit is called Ore. The main or primary Lead Ore is Galena or Lead Sulphite from which Lead is extracted. Galena could be smelted into Pure Lead. Galena is lead gray, soft, and occurs in a crystalline condition. Lead ores are usually associated with different metals such as Zink (Zn) and Silver (Ag). Lead is never found as a pure product or in pure state. Lead Ore is obtained as a byproduct of other metal mining such as Zink and Silver.Galena is found from the mine and it is a part of a rock or chunk.

Lead Ore is found in different places of the world. The Galena or Lead Sulphide is the main commercial source of Lead. Other Lead ores include Carbonate, Sulphate, Chromate, Phosphate, Chloride and etc. The Lead Ores may also contain other toxic metals.

Lead minerals are separated from gangue and other materials in the ore by dry crushing, grinding to produce a slurry, gravity classification and flotation. The one of the process which is used for getting Pure Lead is the Flotation process; this process collects the Sulfur bearing portions of the Ore, which contains the valuable metal. The Liberated Lead minerals are smelted by three stage process of charge preparation (1) blending, conditioning (2) blast sintering and (3) blast furnace reduction. The blast furnace bullion is then refined by the removal of copper, tin, arsenic, antimony, zinc, silver and bismuth.

Metallic Lead is used as sheeting or pipes where pliability and resistance to corrosion are required; it is also used for cable sheathing, as an ingredient in solder. It is a valuable shielding material for ionizing radiations