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Lead Mono Silicate

Lead Monosilicate is available in either granulated or ground form. Lead Monosilicate is an inorganic Lead compounds. Powdered form of Lead Monosilicate is soluble in dilute Hydrochloric and Acetic acids. Lead Monosilicate must be keep away from food products. Lead Monosilicate is not flammable; Lead Monosilicate is free from uncombined Lead Oxides and Silica. Lead Monosilicate must be stored in dry place; it should be keep away from moisture (Water), fire and acid. It is dissoluble in alkali and acid.

Synonyms : Lead Silicate


Chemical Formula    -     3PbO.2SiO2

Molecular Weight    -     789.8 g/mole

Melting Point    -     725 -750oC

Color    -     Lemon yellow or Light Yellow

Solubility    -     Indissoluble in water and alcohol



  • Lead Monosilicate is widely used as raw materials for making various products such as Lead Glass, Optical Glass, electron vacuum elements tube and other products.
  • Lead Monosilicate is also used in other industries.