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Lead Foil

Lead Foil can be said a type of Lead Sheet, whose thickness is very less. Lead Foil can be cut easily with scissors and formed into almost any shape for shielding areas, partial areas or objects of all types. Lead Foil includes all grades of Lead in foil form. When listing Lead Foil please state clearly the grade and thickness of the foil and the packaging details and roll sizes as applicable.

leadfoilLead foils are produced according to customers’ requirements based on all common alloys and dimensions.


•   Pb: basis 99,5 - 99,999%
•   Sn: 0,00 to 6% see solder foils
•   Sb: 0,00 - 4%
•   Further alloy elements are Ag, Cu.


•   Sound proofing as a layer foil between foam materials
•   X-ray shielding Sector for the reduction of x-ray scatters
•   Dental sector
•   X-ray grids and collimators
•   Steam barriers in laminated foils (e.g. Bitumen) for construction work
•   Ammunition sector in alloyed and plated versions