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Lead Chromate

Lead Chromate is an inorganic Lead product. Lead Chromate exists as mineral crocoites (PbCrO4) in nature. Lead Chromate is red to orange prismatic crystals. Lead Chromate materials are very toxic. It reacts with ferric Ferro cyanide.

Synonyms : Chrome Yellow, Cologne Yellow, Lead (II): - Chromate, Plumbous Chromate, Chrome Lemon, Crociote

Chemical Formula    -     PbCrO4

Gravity    -     6.30

Melting Point    -     844oC (1551oF)

Color    -     Yellow or Orange Powder

Solubility    -     Insoluble in Water


  • Lead Chromate as pigments are used in painting, printing ink.
  • Lead Chromate is also used for stationary, plastic, rubber and for other industrial products.