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Lead Cames

Lead is a unique metal. Lead Cames are extremely soft in its pure form. Lead Came has little mechanical strength, almost no elasticity, and melts at relatively low temperatures. These properties were probably the reasons early stained glass craftsman selected this it. Lead Cames can be pure lead or contain a small percentage of other metal alloys, antimony is one, to toughen or make it bright.
Lead Cames come in two basic shapes:-

  • H Came : H came is used to join two pieces of lead together; It has a channel on two sides to place in between two pieces of glass. Generally H Came is interior leads
  • U Came : U came is usually used around the outer edge of a window; U Came is used on the perimeter.

The process for making came is called extrusion. Lead Came must be stretched before using it. This will help straighten out any kinks and also stiffens the lead.



  • The Lead Cames used in stained glass are made by an extrusion process where the molten metal is pressed through a steel die.
  • Cathedrals, mosques, and other houses of worship throughout the world
  • Lead Cames are used to hold in the glass pieces of windows (Used to assemble a window)