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Lead Bricks

Lead in the form of brick is the most widely used for weight such as ballast, as well as for shielding. They can be obtained in numerous sizes and shapes.

A standard size is a 2" thick x 4" wide x 8" long lead brick which weighs 26.25/lbs.

The unique design of the interlocking brick permits butting surfaces to mate in such a way as to prevent any radiation leakage. Typical sizes of interlocking bricks are 8 or 12 inches long and 1 to 2-1/2 inches thick.

The standard size of square brick (non-interlocking) is usually 2" x 4" x 8". However, both types can be manufactured in a wide range of sizes to meet any requirement.



  • Lead Bricks are used for heavy shielding.
  • Lead Bricks as ballast
  • Useful for Counterweights
  • Radiation shielding to protect personnel and equipment.
  • Lead Bricks may be stacked to match shield thickness to specific requirements.
  • Lead Bricks are used in Nuclear and Medical Radiation Shielding