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Lead Battery Manufacturing

The Lead acid battery manufacturing plant typically requires larger facilities and includes the steps of battery case molding (vulcanized or plastic transforming), lead grid and lead parts casting, Lead Anode and Lead Cathode preparation and forming, charging and finishing. The main objectives of a Lead battery manufacturing plant includes development of advanced, sealed lead acid battery for a different purposes, improving the performance of lead acid battery, devise methods to improve the life of a lead acidic battery.


Lead acid battery manufacturing plants are equipped with all facilities for Battery Manufacturing. Battery assembly combines the plates, container, and other parts into a functional battery. Battery charging is also an important part of assembly. The plates are stacked either by hand or by machine so that positive and negative plates alternate with an insulating separator in between.


After the plates have been stacked, they are joined with small connecting parts and burned together to form cell elements or groups. After workers place all the groups in the battery case, the straps are fused together using a torch or high electrical power source. After that the battery is packed and formed in a plastic case. Lead battery manufacturing equipment keep compliance with current environmental regulations, managing your waste stream properly and limiting your exposure to liability and setting a good example for everyone to keep our environment healthy.