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Lead Anode

Lead is used for anodes with hexavalent chromium baths. Lead chromate is manufactured during electroplating. Lead Anodes are manufactured from metals exhibiting the highest purity attainable, thus resulting in a dramatic reduction in sludging. Sludging is reduced because all metallic impurities and non-metallic oxides and sulfides are removed by a proprietary manufacturing process prior to casting or extruding. All anodes are drilled and tapped to accept a 3/8" diameter, 16 threads/inch hooks. For each pound of Lead Anodes replaced, multiply by 1.56 to calculate the quantity of lead compound manufactured.anode



  • The Lead Anodes used in the chromic acid tank
  • Lead Anode is used in Lead Acid Batteries.
  • Plating nugget anodes are also available for basket plating applications.
  • Lead Anodes are ideally suited for re-flow processing of printed circuit     boards.
  • They are also used extensively as an Etch resistant material.