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Diibasic Lead Sulphate (DBLS)

Dibasic Lead Stearate is basic lead soap of commercial Stearic acid. Dibasic Lead Stearate is heat stabilizer and lubricant during PVC processing.


Dibasic Lead Stearate soluble in Ether. It has no corrosiveness and ignitability.
Molecular Formula     -     2PbO.Pb (C17H35COO)2
Moisture     -     0.50 %
Color     -     White Powder
Solubility     -     Insoluble in Water (H2O) 3)


  • Dibasic Lead Stearate mostly used as a lubricant for PVC compounds (Plasticized PVC Compound), especially for cable covering.
  • Dibasic Lead Stearate is also used for rigid PVC applications, for this a well balanced lubricant must be used.

Dibasic Lead Stearate is stored in a dry & cool place, prevents water and sunlight