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Diibasic Lead Phthalate (DBLP)

Dibasic Lead Phthalate (DBLP) is provided white powder. Dibasic Lead Phthalate is very effective stabilizers with PVC formulations plasticized. Dibasic Lead Phthalate with PVC compounds stabilized gives or show maximum retention of their physical properties.


Chemical Formula    -     2PbO.C8H4O4Pb or C6H4(COO)2Pb.2PbO

Molecular Weight    -     818 g/mole

Color               -     White or light Yellowish (Tiny Crystalline Powder)

Density             -     4.5



  • Dibasic Lead Phthalate is used as heat stabilizer in the preparation of PVC compounds.
  • Dibasic Lead Phthalate is also used as a Stabilizer Kicker for foamed PVC and the Stabilizer, the Pigment component in resin paste.
  • Cables covered with Dibasic Lead Phthalate Stabilized PVC compound are used in the manufacture of electric blankets, television sets, under floor heating and general thermal insulation.