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Lead Scrap Soft (RACKS)
Shall consist of clean soft scrap lead, free of other materials such as drosses, battery plates, lead covered cable, hard lead, collapsible tubes, foil, type metals, aluminum, zinc, iron and brass fittings, dirty chemical lead and radioactive materials. Review packaging specifications and regulatory status pertaining to shipping with buyer prior to sale.
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Seller Listings Lead Scrap Soft (RACKS)
Posted on 04 Jun, 2012
Offer Till 29 Jun, 2019
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Ref No. LBR 2266
Malaysia Waste Collection Services - Loh Recycle Collection

Established in 2001, Loh Recycle Collection is a leading waste and recycling company in Malaysia providing waste collection services and scrap recycling supply trading. We supply a variety of recyclable scrap materials to worldwide markets including metal scraps, plastic scraps, waste paper and e-waste. Throughout the years, Loh Recycle has been striving to fulfill its commitment as a reliable and professional waste management and recycling supplier emphasizing the continuous enhancement of its product quality management, service support, industry expertise and customer satisfaction, thereby earning a long lasting support and recognition from its customers with growing reputation in the industry.

We believe recycling gives a new life to waste and saves natural resources, taking us to a greener and healthier environment.  Loh Recycle is committed to preserving the environment by providing premium quality waste management and recycling services with all efforts.

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