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Krypton Industrial Resources, Co.
Year Established: 2000
We are a Trading firm representing 3 averaged-size Battery Smelting plant. We have only one product,which is LEAD INGOT from remelted Battery scrap. At present,we can easilly produce 100MT per month. Samples are available upon request
Dakaru Ventures Inc
Year Established: ON
We supply lead ingots
tisay ltd
Year Established: Trade
particular interested in rails
silverlion metal
Year Established: 1992
interested in buying/selling scrap hard/soft lead,battery plates, lead inggots, you can reach me at
j lao enterprises
Year Established: 1997
into buying of scrap drained whole car and truck batteries for recycling
C.T.Lagunera Trading
Year Established: 1998
Lead dross from batteries.
PhilMetals Trading
Year Established:
Centrum Enterprise
Year Established: