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Lead Recyclers

Salheen import&export
Year Established: 2005
i started my business last year , i collect old battary , stored , exported .in quantity request,and quality request ;iam looking for buyer always :
Year Established: 1999
Company is specified on lead battery recycling. We buy used lead batteries or other lead scrap and produce pure lead (up to 99,98%) and lead alloys.
Year Established:
we require a foreign investor
Year Established:
Looking for persons that would buy batteries
Alloy Trading L.L.C
Year Established:
[United Arab Emirates]
Alloy Trading is engaged in complete Lead Recycling. We are buying and selling Lead Battery Scrap, Lead Battery Plates, Lead Battery Powder, Remelted Lead Ingots, Lead Cable Strippings, 99.98% Pure Lead Ingots, Antimonial Lead Alloys and Ingots, Tin Lead Alloy and Ingots
Year Established: 1973
buyer of lead ingot
Expo kuwait
Year Established:
no thanks
Year Established: 1980
we deal in allkind of battery product,lead ingot,gllas wool,dura flex,carbon.
my kid india
Year Established:
we are manufacurer of lead ingots from Battery scrap we are intrest to import lead ingots from other countries as well as used Batteries
Year Established: 1971
Funmetal buys scrap and produces lead ingots,pure and alloys,tin alloys and poly propylene pellets
Eswari Metal Industries
Year Established: 1987
We EMI are registered in Central Pollution Control Board(CPCB-india), Ministry of Environment & Forest(MoEF) and Karnataka State Pollution Control Board. We are recycling the Lead using best pollution control plant technology with eco-friendly. The purity of the finished goods is perfectly checked w
OCA Company Limited
Year Established:
We recycle battery casing PP materials. Our purchasing volume is between 200 tons to 300 tons a month.
balaji impex
Year Established:
all type hms, hms1, hms1&2,rail axle, railway track rail wheel, copper cathode plate copper scrap scrap
Salheen import&export
Year Established: 2001
We buy at this momen only lead scrap batteries -rains
Alcomet Industries Sdn. Bhd.,
Year Established: 2001
Lead Ingots with about 98.5% to 99.0% Pb and about 1 to 2% Sb