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Lead Recyclers

Alloy Trading L.L.C
Year Established:
[United Arab Emirates]
Alloy Trading is engaged in complete Lead Recycling. We are buying and selling Lead Battery Scrap, Lead Battery Plates, Lead Battery Powder, Remelted Lead Ingots, Lead Cable Strippings, 99.98% Pure Lead Ingots, Antimonial Lead Alloys and Ingots, Tin Lead Alloy and Ingots
Expo kuwait
Year Established:
no thanks
Year Established: 1973
buyer of lead ingot
Year Established: 1980
we deal in allkind of battery product,lead ingot,gllas wool,dura flex,carbon.
my kid india
Year Established:
we are manufacurer of lead ingots from Battery scrap we are intrest to import lead ingots from other countries as well as used Batteries
Eswari Metal Industries
Year Established: 1987
We EMI are registered in Central Pollution Control Board(CPCB-india), Ministry of Environment & Forest(MoEF) and Karnataka State Pollution Control Board. We are recycling the Lead using best pollution control plant technology with eco-friendly. The purity of the finished goods is perfectly checked w
balaji impex
Year Established:
all type hms, hms1, hms1&2,rail axle, railway track rail wheel, copper cathode plate copper scrap scrap
Alcomet Industries Sdn. Bhd.,
Year Established: 2001
Lead Ingots with about 98.5% to 99.0% Pb and about 1 to 2% Sb
khurram corporation
Year Established:
Dear Sir we re the exporters of Lead Ingot 300 mtons monthly basis. Percantage will be 98% and antimony is 0.01% and bismith is 0.0%
Hans Enterprise
Year Established: 1995
Manufacturers and dealers in lead alloys, oxides or products. Consultants, engineers and manufacturers of plant and machineries. We have been in this business since 1991. Our products are Pure lead 99.97%, Lead Antimony Alloys, Oxides etc. Over the years we have come a long way. We look forward
Hakurnas Lead Works, Ltd
Year Established: 1972
Our company is a leading secondary smelter in the middle east. Our plant supplies its products to the car battery industry both domestically and internationally, as well as to lead sheet and lead shots producers. Among our customers are many well known battery and sheet producers in europe. We are w
Agarwal & Company
Year Established:
needs input on availability of old battery scrap and recycling tecnology
Thang Long Metals Co.,Ltd.
Year Established:
we are the biggest lead recycler in Viet Nam. we would like to buy scrap and sell refine lead.
bharat udyog
Year Established: 2005
i need thr lead scrap from all round the world.
Year Established: 1960
we deal in manufacturing and tradinh of lead,