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[United States]
Posted on : Jan 28, 2009
Grants could create nearly 2,000 “green” jobs in the US state of California over
the next several years and lead to innovations in recycling billions of beverage
containers, says the California Department of Conservation.

The state department allocated US$20 million among 20 projects in California.
Funding for the grants comes from unclaimed California Refund Value (CRV) on
aluminum, glass and plastic beverage containers that end up in the trash instead
of being recycled. Many grant recipients have dedicated additional funds for
their projects.

‘These projects help California’s environment and economy, and keep our state at
the leading edge of efforts to build sustainable communities,’ DOC Director
Bridgett Luther says. ‘Through this grants program, we promote economic
development and an array of advancements in recycling and resource

California has the US largest bottle and can recycling program - in the first
six months of 2008, Californians recycled a record 7.6 billion CRV beverage
containers. As a result, the recycling rate rose to 76%, compared to 71% for the
same January-June period in 2007.

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