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Posted on : Nov 27, 2008
Hazardous waste management
specialist and battery recycler Recupyl S.A.S., which is headquartered in
Grenoble, France, has received a commitment for a Euro 14.5 million (US$ 18.7
million) capital injection.

Recupyl currently has recycling plants in Singapore, France, Spain and the UK
(under license) and is developing many other opportunities. In addition to the
battery recycling division, the company also has several other high potential
patented technologies undergoing commercialization, all focused on the recycling
of hazardous and industrial wastes.

In the last two years, Recupyl has established a number of battery recycling
plants which, according to a company statement, ‘not only exceed current and
future regulatory requirements (in particular for minimum recycling rates) in
accordance with the EU Battery Directive, but also have a very low impact on
their local environment in terms of emissions to air, soil and water.’

The investors include its original backer Aloe Private Equity, as well as new
investors, led by AGF Private Equity, to fund the next stage of its commercial
development. Seed investor INPG Enterprise SA also maintains its shareholding.

Company founder Dr Farouk Tedjar says: ‘Since Aloe Private Equity’s first
investment in mid 2006, we have proven our technology and ability to deliver,
and have laid the foundations for the next stage of growth. This investment will
enable the company to exploit its pipeline of projects, and add the key skills
and strengths to the management team.’
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