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[United States]
Posted on : Apr 21, 2009
A recent report made by the European PVC
industry today confirms that the PVC industry’s sustainable development
initiative is definitely on track to achieve its Voluntary Commitment 10-year

The audited results show that 194,950 tones of PVC were recycled in 2008, a
year-on-year 30% increase on the levels for post-consumer PVC recycling. The
replacement of lead-based stabilisers surpassed 50%, two years ahead of its 2010

'This clearly demonstrates the continuing effectiveness of our Voluntary
Commitment,' says Jean-Pierre De Grève, General Manager of Vinyl 2010. 'Our
promise to replace the use of lead-based additives is well ahead of schedule. In
the area of end-of-life waste management, perhaps what is more important for the
long-term sustainability of the industry than the symbolic goal of achieving
200,000 tones of additional post-consumer waste recycling each year by 2010, is
the consolidation of a network of PVC recyclers across Europe.'

The results reported in the 2009 Vinyl 2010 Progress Report provide positive
news for the European PVC sector which, like the rest of industry, has been
badly hit since the end of 2008 by the ongoing global recession.

'We are clearly in difficult times,' says Dr Helmuth Leitner, the General
Manager for the PVC resin producers’ association ECVM (European Council of Vinyl
Manufacturers) one of the partners in Vinyl 2010. 'This is also true for both
the recycling and the other materials businesses. But our industry remains
resolute in its determination to demonstrate that PVC offers the potential to
help society to develop and achieve a more sustainable future.'

In the words of SGS, the independent Progress Report auditors, 'eight years with
comprehensive work demonstrates the industry’s willingness to meet its
commitments within environmental sustainability. It should also be mentioned
that the industry shows an open and proactive attitude to encourage an ongoing
dialogue with its stakeholders (represented in its Monitoring Committee).'
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