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Posted on : Sep 22, 2008

Plastics recycler Morssinkhof Rymoplast has acquired the post-condensation plant
of Diolen Industrial Fibres, a Dutch-German industrial fibre producer of high
strength specialty polyester yarns, which went into the stage of bankruptcy July

The solid state post condensation plant with an annual capacity of 60.000 tons,
will continue under the name Morssinkhof Plastics Emmen B.V.. The plant will
take care of the post-condensation of the PET regranulates & compounds of its
sister company. Moreover will Morssinkhof Plastics Emmen B.V. offer its services
to companies who are interested in outsourcing the post-condensation of their
PET granules, regranulates or specialty compounds.

One of the business activities of Morssinkhof Plastics is the production of a
Food Approved R-PET called MOPET-A, which is used by numerous European producers
of PET preforms and sheet. Moreover Morssinkhof Plastics produces a wide range
of specialty PET compounds for various industries. In order to guarantee the
continuity and growth of the company in the long term, the company has decided
to acquire the post-condensation plant of Diolen Industrial Fibers in Emmen
(NL). The Solid State Post-Condensation is the last stage of Morssinkhof
Plastics’ PET recycling process and takes care of the crystallisation and super
cleaning of the R-PET, while at the same time increasing its intrinsic

The Morssinkhof Rymoplast group is a leading European mechanical recycler of
plastics with a long history dating back to its foundation in 1961. In recent
years, the Dutch-German company has substantially grown among others by setting
up new facilities in Torún (Poland) and Laar (Germany) in 2006 and 2008.

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