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Posted on : Jul 14, 2009
Ausmelt Ltd has signed a
co-operation agreement with Indian firm Gravita Exim Limited

Ausmelt has signed a co-operation agreement with a major Indian group - GRAVITA
under which the two companies will market their complementary technologies
globally to small and medium-scale lead recyclers.
Ausmelt has signed a Memorandum
of Understanding with Gravita Exim Ltd of Jaipur which provides complete plant
solutions to small-scale lead recyclers. Since its inception, Gravita has
provided technology and equipment for lead recycling plants to 28 clients around
the world.
The largest plant yet sold by
Gravita processes around 12,000 tonnes a year of lead metal. Gravita is also
expert in providing technologies that are complementary to the core furnace
operations including battery feed preparation, battery acid treatment and lead
bullion refining.The standard Gravita offering, however, includes traditional
rotary furnace technology which is limited in its throughput capacity.

Ausmelt has focused on primary lead operations
although some of its projects treat a combination of battery scrap and primary
lead concentrates. Most of Ausmelt’s lead plants are in the range of 80,000 to
100,000 tonnes a year of throughput. The smallest plant Ausmelt has sold is for
40,000 tonnes a year of lead contained in concentrates. Ausmelt’s standard top
submerged lance technology generally relies on clients sourcing their own
engineering and equipment supply for plant operations outside the core furnace
technology that Ausmelt provides. This methodology works well for larger
projects but does not meet the requirements of the small-scale lead recycling
market. Ausmelt and Gravita have concluded that the market for lead recycling
plants in the throughput range 15,000 to 30,000 tonnes a year of contained lead
would be best serviced with a combination of Ausmelt top submerged lance
technology and Gravita’s lower cost engineering and equipment supply, sourced in

Gravita's Managing Director, Mr Rajat Agrawal,
said: "We are delighted to join hands with Ausmelt in offering our joint
technologies to the global market. The global market for lead acid battery
recycling is large and growing and the combined Ausmelt and Gravita offering
will be well received by the mid-sized recyclers."

Ausmelt’s Managing Director, Mr Paul Abbott, said today: "This venture is
significant. It offers an elegant solution to a world-wide environmental problem
and enables small scale lead recycling to be done economically.""The global lead
industry produces about 8.6 million tonnes a year. About 60% of this tonnage
comes from recycled materials such as lead acid batteries. Much of this
recycling is still carried out in small 'backyard' operations that are both
environmentally unsatisfactory and labour-intensive.""There is a very strong
market to replace these inferior recycling plants with modern, efficient and
environmentally responsible facilities.""The combination of Ausmelt's superior
smelting technology with Gravita's low-cost Indian sourced engineering and
equipment supply will be a powerful offering in this marketplace.""We are very
optimistic that this agreement will substantially improve Ausmelt's ability to
sell into the smaller end of the lead recycling market, a market segment in
which Ausmelt has traditionally struggled to gain traction."
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