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[United States]
Posted on : Sep 18, 2012

Milwaukee, Wisconsin based Johnson Controls (NYSE: JCI), a global automotive battery supplier and recycler, has held the grand opening ceremony for its Florence Recycling Center for automotive batteries.

The company said that the facility expands its presence in Florence with a capital investment of more than $150 million.

The facility is expected to recycle 132,000 tonnes per year, or the equivalent of more than 14 million automotive batteries.  It sits on a 685 acre site near other major corporations such as Roche Carolina and Smurfit-Stone. 

Johnson Controls said that it developed 36 acres of the site for construction of the facility and adjacent parking areas, with the remaining acreage undeveloped.

The company added that portions of the site will be permanently protected through a conservation easement and will minimise its environmental footprint within the state by protecting sensitive habitats, managing habitat for wildlife, participating in the S.C. Department of Natural Resources Stewardship Program, and storm water management.

"The steps taken by Johnson Controls to maximise economic impact and minimise environmental effects on our area are commendable and extremely important to our citizens," said Senator Hugh Leatherman at the grand opening.

According to the developer the recycling facility creates 250 new jobs, as well as 1000 indirect jobs in the area and currently has 200 employees working onsite as the facility ramps up production.

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