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Posted on : Oct 29, 2012
China's National Development and Reform Committee (NRDC) said the growth rate for production of 10 major nonferrous metals in China in the first nine months of this year has slowed 4.1 percentage points from last year's growth rate. Total output of the 10 major nonferrous metals increased 7.1% to 27.26 million ton....
[United States]
Posted on : Oct 25, 2012
Free-market junk auto battery prices have eased slightly as market participants report greater availability, although at least one consumer is continuing to pay up to 48 cents per pound delivered for the item. Whole auto batteries widened to a ra....
[United Kingdom]
Posted on : Oct 21, 2012
Regulators are failing to take into account some of the most important factors, such as the overall economic benefits and effectiveness of existing regulation, when making decisions about the future use of chemical substances, says the International Lead Association.  In a presentation by ILA Managing Director, D....
[United Kingdom]
Posted on : Oct 20, 2012
Companies that operate forklift trucks could be in for a rude awakening if they don't update the way they dispose of their spent batteries, Hoppecke Industrial Batteries has warned. The rules c....
[United States]
Posted on : Oct 14, 2012
“Not only is it good for small businesses, it’s also very good for the environment,” Moeller said.Between 90 and 95 percent of lead acid batteries that are put into service are sent back for recycling, he said. Distributors like Remy can send scrap back to battery manufacturers and receive credit for t....
[Hong Kong]
Posted on : Oct 12, 2012
The recycling plant will provide Tianneng "a competitive advantage over its peers" as there are high technological barriers for the construction of lead recycling plants and the government is actively shutting down substandard lead recycling plants, according to a report by Quam Securities dated Sept 25.Tianneng currently rec....
[United Kingdom]
Posted on : Oct 11, 2012
The outlook for the lead market remains positive, with good demand growth expected from the industrial battery sector and for sealed lead-acid batteries (SLA), which are used to power e-bikes. We are less bullish on battery demand for larger vehicles - demand from first-time owners in emerging markets that increase....
[United States]
Posted on : Oct 09, 2012
The onset of colder weather has loosened the supply of spent lead-acid automotive batteries, according to lead scrap traders, although free market prices have so far remained unchanged. Wholes auto batteries held steady at 43 to 45 cents per pound Tuesday with scrap lead also unchanged at 77 to 78 cents per pound.....
[United Kingdom]
Posted on : Oct 01, 2012
WEEE and batteries compliance scheme European Recycling Platform (ERP) will offer packaging compliance to its members from 2013, after receiving accreditation from Defra. The move will see ERP join the 44 compliance schemes already in operation in the packaging sector in the UK, in a bid to offer g....
[United Kingdom]
Posted on : Sep 30, 2012
European Commission officials carried out unannounced inspections last week at the premises of several purchasers of scrap batteries and other lead scrap for the production of recycled lead as part of an inquiry into a suspected cartel, the EC said at the weekend. Inspections took place in several EU member states....
Posted on : Sep 24, 2012
In the wake of Shanghai municipal government’s order to stall lead-acid battery production, Johnson Controls Inc. recently announced that it will close its lead-processing operations at the Kangqiao battery plant in China. The municipal government’s decision was triggered by the pollution arising from t....
[United States]
Posted on : Sep 18, 2012
Milwaukee, Wisconsin based Johnson Controls (NYSE: JCI), a global automotive battery supplier and recycler, has held the grand opening ceremony for its ....
Posted on : Sep 17, 2012
A growing number of Chinese firms processing non-ferrous metals are failing to repay loans due to lower demand and rising raw material prices, making the sector risky for local banks, Guangzhou's 21st Century Business Herald reports. In a report from the China Banking Regulatory Commission earlier this year, the n....
Posted on : Sep 13, 2012
Tags: BNP Paribas, Silesia Consortium, consortium, Polish, Poland, syndicates, Confederation of Bulgarian Independent Syndicates, KNSB, Valentin Nikiforov, Multigroup, Nikolay Valkanov, finance minister, Simeon Djankov, OTZK, protest, rally, Kardzhali, Madan, Gorubso, protest, Lead and Zinc Complex, Delyan Dobrev, concession,....
Posted on : Sep 04, 2012
CHICAGO & SYDNEY--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Sims Metal Management Limited, through its electronics recycling division Sims Recycling Solutions (SRS), has expanded its North American operations by acquiring the assets of Elkridge, Maryland based E-Structors Inc. E-Structors is one of the largest el....