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[United Kingdom]
Posted on : Aug 27, 2014
The proportion of lead acid batteries that are being used to meet waste portable battery recycling targets has continued its decline in the second quarter of 2014, figures published by the Environment Agency last week show. Data published in June covering the first quarter of the year showed that the ....
Posted on : Aug 19, 2014
US food maker H.J. Heinz Co has recalled some infant food products in China after a local watchdog said they contained excessive levels of lead, threatening to dent the company’s reputation in a country highly sensitive to food safety. Heinz said on Monday it had recalled four batches of a ....
[United States]
Posted on : Aug 18, 2014
Researchers at MIT have devised an environmentally-responsible process to recycle materials from discarded automotive lead-acid batteries to fabricate efficient organolead halide perovskite solar cells (PSCs)—a promising new large-scale and cost-competitive photovoltaic technology. The process simultaneously avoids the ....
Posted on : May 16, 2014
An announcement will be made today at regional Port Pirie in South Australia about the redevelopment proposal for the local smelter. ....
Posted on : May 16, 2014
China’s first industry alliance for lead-acid battery scrap collection and recycling will be established in Shanghai, reported on Thursday.  The collection and recycling rate of lead-acid battery scrap is expected to reach over 80% from the current 10% in three years, the news agency quoted Zhan....
[United States]
Posted on : Mar 23, 2014
There's no clearer sign that state environmental regulators have failed to protect public health than the warning issued this month to parents living in the shadow of the Exide battery recycling plant in Vernon: Don't let children play in the dirt in your backyard. Tests of 39 homes and one preschool within two miles of the p....
[United States]
Posted on : Mar 10, 2014
A study has found lead contamination in the soil surrounding a controversial battery recycling plant in Vernon, according to state regulators. Exide Technologies, which melts and recycles thousands of car batteries daily, is surrounded by some of the most densely populated residential neighborhoods in Los Angeles Coun....
[United States]
Posted on : Dec 23, 2013
When the St. Joseph Lead Co. finished work on its 350-foot smoke stack in 1892, the mining company’s pact with tiny Herculaneum, Missouri, was sealed. The town would enjoy more than a century of good-paying jobs while the plant belched sulfur-laced emissions. Three decades after discovering the town’s bles....
[United States]
Posted on : Dec 22, 2013
The last factory producing lead bullets in the United States will close its doors on 31 December on the orders of the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which says lead bullets are "harmful to wildlife....
Posted on : Oct 22, 2013
Tin slab prices declined by INR 10,000 per Ton on the Index. On the other hand, Zinc slab prices were up by INR 1,000 per Ton over the previous day. Nickel Cathode prices climbed 0.64% during the day, moving higher by INR 6,000 per Ton.Lead ingot prices edged higher by INR 1,000 per Ton to touch INR 129,000 per ....
Posted on : Oct 10, 2013
China's output of secondary non-ferrous metals, those recycled from scrap metals, rose 3.67 percent year on year in 2012 to exceed 10 million tonnes, almost one-third of its output of primary non-ferrous metals, an industry association said on Thursday.....
[United States]
Posted on : Oct 08, 2013
Exide Technologies, headquartered in Milton, Ga., has announced plans to invest more than $7 million over the next two years to upgrade its Vernon, Calif., battery recycling plant as part of a comprehensive agreement with the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC).  According to Exide, the capit....
[United Kingdom]
Posted on : Aug 30, 2013
Recylex recorded a net loss of €15.9 million ($21.1 million) in the first half of the year on maint....
Posted on : Aug 28, 2013
SHANGHAI, Aug. 28 (SMM) - Most, or 66%, of the imports during the first seven months were supplied by Aus....
Posted on : Jul 10, 2013
The Ministry of Land & Resources (MLR) released its implementation plan for safety inspections targeting unlicensed or illegal mines between mid-June and late September as scheduled by the State Council. SMM has confirmed that openly operating, legal mines will not be affected by the inspections. Lead mines operat....