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Posted on : Nov 16, 2008
Malaysia’s trade minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has lifted the export ban on scrap metal to enable scrap dealers to clear their stock that has piled up over the months. The Malaysian Iron and Steel Industry Federation says retraction of the export ban is to help dealers find export markets for scrap metal and tie ....
[United Kingdom]
Posted on : Nov 11, 2008
An initiative to change the so-called ‘Paragraph 45’ exemption for metal recyclers by the UK Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has incensed the British Metal Recycling Association (BMRA). ‘Paragraph 45’ from the UK Waste Management Licensing involves the scrap metal recovery exemption fo....
[China Taipei]
Posted on : Nov 10, 2008
The Russian government has imposed a zero import duty on ferrous metal scrap and selected types of rolled product for a period of nine months, says a Cabinet decree, posted on the government's website. The duty on scrap was 5%. The roll products subject to zero duty are flat iron or non-alloyed steel products not wider t....
[United States]
Posted on : Nov 10, 2008
Two environmental groups in the United States, the Basel Action Network (BAN) and the Electronics TakeBack Coalition, will launch an electronic-waste accreditation and certification program that will prohibit shipping toxic e-waste overseas, the groups say. The certification program, which 32 US electronics recyclers....
[United States]
Posted on : Oct 08, 2008
A final rule under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act in the United States, streamlines regulation of hazardous secondary materials when they are recycled by reclamation. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the regulation maintains strong protection of human health and the environment by limit....
Posted on : Oct 07, 2008
Specialist in precious metals recycling Umicore has been nominated as one of Europe's ten most innovative clean tech companies at the Dow Jones Clean Tech Summit in Frankfurt, Germany. The nomination was for Umicore's unique recycling technology for end-of-life rechargeable batteries. The pioneering process enables the....
Posted on : Sep 28, 2008
The European Union has threatened legal action against member nations who fail to impose rules for collecting and recycling batteries which are due to come into force this month. The rules impose targets for collecting old batteries to limit pollution caused when they are incinerated or buried in leaky landfill sites. H....
[United States]
Posted on : Sep 23, 2008
United States Schnitzer has acquired Ponce Resources of Salinas in the US state of Puerto Rico. The company is engaged in the business of collecting, processing, and selling ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal and operates at four locations in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Commenting on the agreement, John Carter, ....
Posted on : Sep 22, 2008
Plastics recycler Morssinkhof Rymoplast has acquired the post-condensation plant of Diolen Industrial Fibres, a Dutch-German industrial fibre producer of high strength specialty polyester yarns, which went into the stage of bankruptcy July 2008. The solid state post condensation plant with an annual capacity of 60.00....
[United Kingdom]
Posted on : Sep 15, 2008
The London Metal Exchange, the world's largest copper bourse, suspended Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. from trading on its electronic trading system after the U.S. bank filed for bankruptcy protection. Lehman is a member of the exchange and can issue and clear metals and plastics contracts. It can't trade on the floor of the ex....
Posted on : Sep 08, 2008
German company Scholz Recycling AG, the recycling division of Scholz AG, has agreed to acquire all shares of fellow German recycler and scrap metal trader Fegert group, for an undisclosed sum. Fegert, who resides in Schönebeck and Magdeburg consists of the divisions Fegert Recycling GmbH, Fegert Recycling GmbH Foundry and E....
[New Zealand (Aotearoa)]
Posted on : Aug 27, 2008
New Zealand's billion-dollar scrap metal industry will lose out if a proposed Waste Minimisation Bill goes ahead. The bill, which is due for its second reading calls for a levy on every tone's of waste sent for disposal. It is intended to deter wasteful behavior and to provide funding for new waste minimisation initiativ....
Posted on : Aug 25, 2008
Foreign mining companies may forge multiple joint ventures with domestic partners without seeking government’s prior approval. The government is amending foreign direct investment (FDI) regulations to boost investment by global mining firms such as Rio Tinto, De Beers, BHP Billiton and Vale. Today, foreign firms in....
[United States]
Posted on : Aug 13, 2008
Greenstar North America has announced several activities in its Texas operations, which the company feels will help grow the company’s business in the Lone Star State. While the company is seeing a significant increase in the recycling rates throughout its Texas market, notably San Antonio and Dallas, the company also....
[United Kingdom]
Posted on : Aug 12, 2008
A land developer in the United Kingdom is inviting interest from recycling companies and organizations to locate within a 45-acre parcel of land in  Yorkshire. Sheffield based developer Loxley Land and Property says the site also known as Beeley Wood, offers “vast capacity and flexibility of usage” for companie....