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[United Kingdom]
Posted on : Aug 18, 2009
Xstrata Technology’s ISASMELTTM top submerged lance (TSL) smelting technology has been  chosen for its third smelter project in India, with a contract signed recently with Sterlite  Industries (India) Limited, a subsidiary of Vedanta Resources plc (Sterlite).  Chief Executive Joe Pease said Xstrata Technology (XT)....
[United States]
Posted on : Jul 30, 2009
The world's largest recycling company Sims Metal Management Limited has appointed Paul Varello to serve as Company Chairman. He succeeds Paul Mazoudier, who retires from his current position as foreshadowed by him at the Company’s 2008 Annual General Meeting. Mr Varello has served as a non-executive director of the C....
[United Arab Emirates]
Posted on : Jul 19, 2009
One of Middle East's major metal processing companies S J Metals, has successfully launched its operations in Bahrain. With an initial investment of US$8 million, the company officials see this as one of the largest Indian investments in the scrap metal business in Bahrain. The company is headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi....
Posted on : Jul 14, 2009
Ausmelt Ltd has signed a co-operation agreement with Indian firm Gravita Exim Limited Ausmelt has signed a co-operation agreement with a major Indian group - GRAVITA under which the two companies will market their complementary technologies globally to small and medium-scale lead recyclers. Ausmelt has signed a Memor....
Posted on : Jul 12, 2009
Battery sorting in Ireland started Battery sorting specialist Van Peperzeel from the Netherlands has just delivered a battery sorting installation to KMK Metals Recycling in Ireland. The machine is a model out of the range PBS-Compact. The contract was to supply and install a sorting facility and provide training for....
Posted on : Jul 06, 2009
Belgian metals company Nyrstar has announced that it is to expand into mining. This was revealed with the release of the company’s Strategic Review last week. Nyrstar is a major global multimetals producer, and is the world’s biggest producer of zinc metal and alloys and a leading global producer of lead. It also pro....
Posted on : Jun 08, 2009
China Metal Recycling, China's largest scrap metal recycling company by revenue, is seeking up to HK$1.55 billion from its Hong Kong float. The Guangzhou-based firm plans to offer 300 million shares at a price ranging between HK$3.98 and HK$5.18 per share, according to market sources. The range represents 9.5 times to ....
[United States]
Posted on : Jun 05, 2009
The Florence County (South Carolina) Economic Development Partnership and North Eastern Strategic Alliance announced that Johnson Controls plans to build an automobile battery recycling facility in Florence, S.C. The facility is expected to represent a capital investment of more than $100 million and create 250 new job....
Posted on : May 27, 2009
Cooperation between the recycling industries in China and the European Union (EU) should be enhanced, officials attending the 5th China-EU Round Table meeting agreed Monday. Wang Gang, Chairman of the China Economic and Social Council, said developing a recycling industry is one of China's key strategies in its economi....
[United States]
Posted on : Apr 21, 2009
A recent report made by the European PVC industry today confirms that the PVC industry’s sustainable development initiative is definitely on track to achieve its Voluntary Commitment 10-year targets. The audited results show that 194,950 tones of PVC were recycled in 2008, a year-on-year 30% increase on the levels ....
Posted on : Apr 14, 2009
The major ferrous metal scrap dealer in Japan, Suzutoku, has planned to start its new recycle factory's operation since April 13th. The construction of this new factory has been completed and Suzutoku has spent about ¥3 billion (US$30.2 million) for the construction project. Suzutoku’s new factory is located....
[United States]
Posted on : Apr 07, 2009
Complete Recycling has opened in Los Angeles. The company specializes in recycling paper, plastic and metals from industrial accounts. The company's management team, which includes general manager Kevin Flynn, has years of expertise in scrap purchasing, selling and recycling as well as a global network of buyers. ....
Posted on : Mar 26, 2009
Newell Recycling has opened a recycling facility in Statesboro, Ga. The new facility, to be called Newell Recycling of Statesboro, LLC, is located in eastern Georgia. The site, formerly Whitaker Motors, will accept both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals. The company expects the location to be a major supplier of s....
Posted on : Mar 25, 2009
Following recent discoveries of radioactive sources in scrap imports, the Indian Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) has issued a new notification that makes Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI) mandatory for all shipments of shredded scrap. This concerns bills of lading dated form 23.03.2009 onwards. Up to now, shredded metal....
[United States]
Posted on : Mar 23, 2009
Exide Technologies, a US company that recycles batteries, says it will temporarily shut down its operations in Baton Rouge, laying off 132 workers. The company says it anticipates resuming operations in Baton Rouge "when market conditions allow". The company adds it will begin an "orderly ramp-down of op....