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Remelted Lead
Remelted Lead is recycled Lead and is a nature of Impure Lead / Lead Bullion. Remelted Lead normally contains 96.0-99.50% Lead Metal and contains impurity of Sb, Sn, Cu, Fe, Bi, As etc....
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Buyer Listings Remelted Lead
Posted on 21 Mar, 2017
Offer Till 28 Mar, 2025
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Ref No. LBR 2521
Purchase / Sell non-ferrous metal scrap

Our company Powerstep is specialized in non ferrous scrap trading and recycling since 20 years


We are searching for our recycling plants in South China regular shipments of

Electric meters/transformer/electrical breakage scraps

Computer/telecom/electronic/hard disk/disk drive/power supply/charger /adapaters scraps

Automobile parts/starter/alternators/ac compressors/fuel pumps/contactors/adaptors/e parts scraps

Alucobond sandwich sheets/Alcu radiators/irony aluminium scraps

Schredded non ferrous heavies/zorba/schredded motors scraps

Washmachine motors/electric motors scraps

Circuit board manufacture offcuts and laminates scraps



We are also supplying non ferrous grades as per isri and are always searching for new potential buyers/end user of below grades

Aluminium scrap Tense/Taint tabor/ubc

Brass scrap Honey

Copper scrap nr2 birch cliff/mill berry

Copper cable scraps

Stainless steel scrap 304

Zinc diecast

Silicon sheets



We hope to find reliable business partner to extend our business






Hong Kong 
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