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Lead Alloy
A homogeneous mixture or solid solution of Lead Metal with one or more metals, the atoms of one replacing or occupying interstitial positions between the atoms of the other.
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Seller Listings Lead Alloy
Posted on 09 May, 2017
Offer Till 27 May, 2018
Posted By  
Ref No. LBR 2525
sell non ferrous scrap

Dear Sir / Madam

Our company Power step Limited is active in the non ferrous metal / telecom /electronic/ electrical scrap recycling since almost 20 years, we started plastic recycling since one year too


We have actually huge interest in purchase the following grades for our processing plants in south China.
Automobile industry scrap such as,  starters,alternators injectors, ac compressors, automobile electronic parts, valves, etc….
Electrical breakages and scraps such as, electric meters, transformers, etc…

Telecom breakages and scraps such as, telephone relay, modems, connectors, etc…

Electronic and computer breakages such as, hard disk, disk drive, power supply, circuit boards, ccl laminations, chargers, adapters, batteries, etc…

Any non ferrous grades as per isri spec, and mostly grades that need to be processed such as Alucobond sandwich sheets, irony non ferrous mixed breakage etc…

Any schredded non ferrous grades, zorba, schredded heavies, schredded wires, etc…


If you have any stock available for sale please send us photo of the stock, details of the quality, price you need cnf china main port



We have regular suppliers on the market and if you need any references pls feel free to ask us


We really wish to start some business with your company and hope to get some feedback to this email


attached our catalog but many grades we are handling are not listed inside



Hope we can start some business together!

50.000 MT 
0.00 USD ($) 
Payment Term
Delivery Term