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Mr. James Ewles
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Year of Establishment : 1980
Description : International Marine Salvage Inc. (IMS) is the largest ISO 14001, registered recycler of dry cell batteries in North America. Utilizing our exclusive fully patented process, IMS recycles 1000’s of tons a year of dry cell primary batteries, at some of the most competitive rates in the industry. International Marine Salvage Inc also accepts and recycles the following wastes: All battery types (dry and wet cell), all fluorescent tubes, lamps and bulbs. Elemental mercury switches, mercury contaminated debris and wastes. Lead; lead contaminated materials, lead debris and wastes including CRT and television glass. All electric waste and scrap including: hard-dives, monitors, keyboards, printers, cell phones, servers, LCDs etc. IMS has recycling facilities in the United States, and Canada we handle shipments of all sizes from our battery box program (20KG ea.) to full trailer/container loads. Please visit our website for more information, or contact us for a competitive quotation.