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Mr. International Zinc Association (IZA)
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Year of Establishment : 1990
Description : International Zinc Association (IZA) is a non-profit organization that represents the world zinc industry. The mission of IZA is to undertake initiatives good for zinc. The zinc industry is a global community. Its future is determined in a global market and a global system. Every zinc miner, refiner and recycler - small or large - is affected by this reality. While each IZA member focuses on its own performance and competitiveness, there are activities which are best conducted on a collaborative basis. The zinc industry faces major challenges, from materials competition to environmental constraints. There are also many opportunities to increase the zinc market and to enhance the image and awareness of zinc. Many of these threats and opportunities can be addressed with maximum efficiency and impact collectively through IZA. Founded by the zinc industry in 1990, IZA plans, co-ordinates and conducts activities that will build a sustainable future for zinc and for the zinc industry. This includes: Exploring and progressing the sustainability of the zinc industry and the contribution of zinc products to sustainable development Raising demand growth from the 40-year (1960-2000) trend of 2%/year to 4%/year Facilitating dialogue with industry’s stakeholders Fostering and communicating a full understanding of zinc’s role in the environment Maintaining society’s consent to produce and use zinc.