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Mr. Hans J├╝rgen Cierzon
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Year of Establishment : 1949
Description : Dear Madam / Sir, we are happy that you have found us via this modern way of communication. bvse - the Association for Secondary Raw Materials and Waste Disposal - celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1999. During this last half century the recycling industry, which is represented by our association, has changed dramatically. There is more to it today than simply purchasing, storing and selling recyclable materials. Nowadays, our member companies offer a vast range of services - from collecting, processing through to recycling secondary raw materials. In particular, companies not only have to deal with the challenges of market structure (concentration and false privatisation) but also of environmental politics (privatisation of the recycling industry). Small and medium-sized businesses have always managed well when able to deploy their strength in a political framework of fair competition. Now and in the future our association aims to guarantee such conditions in Germany as well as in the European Union. Make use of our services. Maybe you, too, wish to become a member of bvse - the strongest recycling association for medium-sized businesses in Europe. You are most welcome! President