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Welcome to the B2B portal of ‘Lead-Battery-Recycling’, this is a comprehensive portal for the Lead user & Lead Producer industry and especially for new Lead-acid battery manufacturing industry. Our mission of presenting ‘Lead-Battery-Recycling Portal’ is to promote and nurture the interests of the Lead Industry globally with a substantial worldwide databank of Lead recyclers / manufacturers, traders (marketers and retailers),technology providers, Plant & equipment suppliers and industry consultants...
Latest Events On Lead Battery Recycling Word

  • Posted on : 05/10/2017
    Bulgarian lead-acid battery maker Monbat bought Italian lead battery recycler Piombifera Italiana in September. Piombifera Italiana, the third largest recycling firm in Italy, will be incorporated into Monbat’s recycling subsidiary, Monbat Recycling. The purchase is the second major move in just over....
  • Posted on : 27/09/2017
    Lead battery recycler Aqua Metals confirmed in an 8K filing to the US Securities and Exchange Commission on September 27 that meetings had begun with Johnson Controls to begin converting one of JCI’s facilities to install its AquaRefining technology.An 8-K filing is used to notify investors in US public companies to events that may be important to them or the SEC, the ....
  • Posted on : 21/09/2017
    Herbert Giess, a leading lead battery expert with 50 years experience, has been recognised for his exceptional contributions to the lead and lead-acid battery industries through a lifetime of cutting-edge research on the material science and electrochemistry of lead-acid batteries with the International Lead Award. He was presented the award at the Asian Battery Conf....
  • Posted on : 25/05/2016
    The lead-acid battery industry likes to push the PR line that it is one of the most recycled products on the planet at around 96%— but the battery’s reusable material currently sits at around 65%. That was until UK headquartered Eco-Bat developed a 12V flooded battery made from 92% recycled materials, including the lead and acid electroly....
  • Posted on : 25/05/2016
    Electrochemical lead recycling firm Aqua Metals was named the winner of the Rising Star category in the 2016 Platts Global Metals Awards program. Aqua Metals was recognised for its AquaRefining process, the industry’s first commercially viable alternative lead-acid battery recycling technology. The company was also named a finalist in the Industry Leade....
  • Posted on : 23/05/2016
    A damning report about battery recycling in Africa lays waste to the lead-acid industry’s claims that regulations are making it environmentally better and safer than lithium-ion. The findings, from The Lead Recycling Africa Project, have found lead poisoning is severely under-reported in sub-Saharan Africa, where 800,000 tonnes (8% of annual world production) i....
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